Lynn Garceau

Gallery : Le Bourget

Birth : Born in Grand-Mère, Québec in 1960.

Training : Lynn Garceau was initiated into the artworld by her mother who enrolled her in several classes to develop her talent. Counted among her mentors are the likes of Thérèse Fournier, Gilles Archambault, and Luigi Tiengo.

Medium : Acrylic and watercolour.

Artistic approach : Garden scenes are the preeminent subject of Garceau’s artistic production. Her years of studying painting techniques have jointly granted her a facility for portraying the rich colours of nature as well as conveying the fleeting lighting of the scenes which she paints. Of particular importance to the artist is the underlying sense of freedom in her work. This is the feeling which draws attracts her to outdoor themes and which she conveys with effectiveness and precision in each painting.

Exhibitions : Solo exhibitions:
1997 : Musée des Ursulines à Trois-Rivières, 2001 : Musée Rodolphe Duguay, 2010 : Parc National de la Mauricie
Group exhibitions:
1995 : Village des télé séries, Grand-Mère, 1999 à 2003 : Symposium de peinture de la Mauricie, 2010-2011 : Rendez-vous des peintres de Ste-Flore.

Collections : Lynn Garceau’s works have been shown in several galleries across Canada

Awards : Guest artist, Rendez-vous des peintres, Sainte-FLore, 2006; Ogilvy Award during the Société Canadienne de l'Aquarelle Exhibition in 2000; 1st Prize, City of Grand-Mère Centennial, 1998

Media coverage : Le Nouvelliste, Trois-Rivières, 1997-2001, 2003-05; L’Hebdo St-Maurice, 1998-2000, 2005; Televised interview, Télévision 4 Saisons, 1997.